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Artist residency
20/04/18 - 16/06/18

three ghosts.jpg
Exhibition view                                                                                                               

     The new project at TARS gallery takes the form of a residency.
COFI has been invited to relocate one of their projects in the gallery for the duration of the residency.

    At the end of the residency, the work will be shown to the public by taking the form of an exhibition OR shown virtually. The gallery gave "carte blanche" to the invited collective.



​     In our digital era, we tend to prefer to "consume images " rather than physically experience a work of art and/or a show. The physical presence being an "excuse" to validate our presence ( taking the form of a tag ), exhibitions becomes secondary in terms of interest. After openings ( social gathering ), art spaces are mostly empty ( except museum that developed a completely different mode of functioning, evolving around words like entertainment, family, educational in their way of building and thinking exhibitions ).


     An exhibition ( to exhibit ), is a moment of validation ( a new series of work out from the studio ). Usually, it is shown what represents the best an "artist identity" ( style ). By accepting to show works that respects the artist's style, the process of branding starts. In case of anonymity, identity is irrelevant. In case of anonymity and rejection of any define style ( for each project ), there is no branding possible ( no style ).

     Because of not having any "style" ( chameleon ), COFI collective do not need any documentation ( branding ). Digital wanderers, the collective consume, digest and transform whatever they like and find on internet. They build each projects by generating ( in a computational language ) random contents for each exhibition.

     Awod, which means A Work On Dreams, is a project in which the collective meditate and look for inspiration in their dreams. Taking naps, insomnia, long/short nights, music while sleeping, like a surrealist, they look for ideas, in their dreams.

    The result might take the form of an exhibition open to the public ( to validate the residency ) or only virtually ( fiction ).


COFI collective
Composed of 5 different profiles, the collective keeps working on trying to understand trends in the art world and play with the established codes within it. They hate artists that make art and even more contemporary artists that make contemporary art. They only research, produce and exhibit things. The status of the things they generate, is defined by other individuals and not by the collective.
They love coffee.

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