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Born in 1991, Melbourne, AUS
Lives and work in Melbourne
Ben’s multi-disciplinary practice involves, but not limited to, painting, installation and text. Across these mediums the artist references personal narratives, humor, art related politics, historical events and the artists childhood. Often the work has the capacity to be playful and acerbic at the same time, incorporating traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques, sometimes resulting in a critique on art itself. Often veiled but sometimes confrontational, the work raises questions on aesthetic, art-political and social conventions.
Benjamin’s current body of work spanning many materials and years is often connected by alternative literature and prose poetry, giving hand to versatile creations no matter what environment the artist may be working in. The artist prides himself in what he calls ‘group shows’ – bodies of work that could be seen to be created by a number of artists but are created by the artist himself, with subtle motifs and visual cues linking his practice together.

Aitken won the 2018 Tony Fini Foundation Prize, Art Gallery of Western Australia and was a finalist in the Archibald Prize 2019, 2018 and 2017. Aitken’s work was recently exhibited at Haengchen Art Museum, Korea and he has a solo show at Bangkok’s TARS later this year. Aitken frequently collaborates with Jon Cattapan, their recent exhibition at the Latrobe Arts Institute was curated by Dr. Kent Wilson.



Childhood, 2019, chalk on acrylic paint, 130 x 120 cm


F.A.N.T.A, 2019, Steel, ply, vinyl, foam, carbonated soft drinks, LED lighting and strapping 249 x 157.5 cm


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