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Born between 1987 - 1990, Paris, Mexico, Bangkok, New York

Lives and work in Paris, Mexico, Bangkok and New York


1 - What is COFI ?

COFI stands for Collective Of Fictional Individuals.
It's a collective with an undefined number of members.
For each project, the members of the collective, can or not, change.

2 - What does COFI ?

COFI consume images and content through internet and books.Their production is a result of too much references. 
They like to represent themselves as literal cultural vacuum cleaners. 

For each exhibition in which they are invited, concepts can change, be irrelevant or missing. Professional swappers, they save/screenshot/copy/share content between themselves to digest all of it and finally produce something that reflects something they want to. Either good or crap.

3 - Are COFI members : artists, curators, critics, collectors, or ?

As today artists are craftmans or journalists, curators are event organizers, critics are neo-academics, collectors are investors, it is not really important to position ourselves behind a defined status. We like to think of ourselves as hybrids.

4 - What is COFI message ?

None. We lost our point in the ocean of Data. Saturation of information and the destruction of trusted sources makes any kind of message irrelevant. We became a reflection of our Anthropocene era. 

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COFI - Zombie Squid - 2019.jpg
COFI - The Web - 2019.jpg


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