Parinot Kunakornwong

Contemplations : (re)verse

06/04/16 - 25/05/16

Exhibition view


‘Contemplation#1:(Re)verse’ presents a series of works in various forms, investigating on memory construction in relation to Kunakornwong’s personal archive, objects and other old works, which have been reconstructed from memory.


This exhibition is dedicated to some of his friends, who have passed away and some who have been influential to his artistic practice.Kunakornwong reappropriated objects to investigate the ground between absurdity, everyday ritual, and the idea of holiness. His oeuvre derived from the visual language of everyday Thai culture, steeped in ritual, superstition and myth engaging inBangkok’s sense of disappointment and imperfect beauty.


Parinot Kunakornwong(b. 1983) lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied at Chulalongkorn University, Parsons School of Design and Goldsmiths University of London.

Gesso, oil, acrylic, gouache paint on digital print on canvas
120 x 82 cm
2003 - 2016
Metal from bone surgery embedded in the body for 13 years until 2016, acrylic frame, lime plaster, bandages over brass, wooden shelve, digital print on paper and sticker, spray paint, sublimation print on canvas, wood and IKEA shelf
Dimensions variable
Sublimation print on towel, hanger
Dimensions variable

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