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Pokchat Worasub

23/10/21 - 07/11/21

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For DIANA's exhibition, among other references, Pokchat articulated her new work around Western mythology including Diana, Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, fertility, and the Moon.

The myth of Actaeon.

"Diana's mythology incorporated stories which were variants of earlier stories about Artemis. Possibly the most well-known of these is the myth of Actaeon. In Ovid's version of this myth, part of his poem Metamorphoses, he tells of a pool or grotto hidden in the wooded valley of Gargaphie. There, Diana, the goddess of the woods, would bathe and rest after a hunt. Actaeon, a young hunter, stumbled across the grotto and accidentally witnessed the goddess bathing without invitation. In retaliation, Diana splashed him with water from the pool, cursing him, and he transformed into a deer. His own hunting dogs caught his scent, and tore him apart."

- Diana (mythology) - Wikipedia

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