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Pisitakun Kuantalaeng & Rapat Bunduwanich
05/10/19 - 10/11/19

Exhibition views


Imagine being lost in a desert, all around you is nothing but sand. You see something in the distance and your mind becomes stimulated. Closer and closer… it was just a mirage revealing nothing but more emptiness. But suddenly you find the oasis, the hidden treasure, the jackpot – you’re exhilarated and full of life again.

In the infinite world of the internet, information is just a mirage. We endlessly scroll through our newsfeeds and timelines full of clickbait and fake news, craving for something real and authentic. Stumbling upon a meme is like finding an oasis in the desert. It’s the simplest form of pleasure where daily life can be simply defined by a single post, creating a universal language shared across territories. In the internet era today, the world is without hope if not for the internet memes.

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