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New-Territories / m4
ลาวีอองโรส  /  Robotic process of Amnesia symptom(s)
16/03/16 - 25/03/16

ลา วี ออง โรส

_robotic process of Amnesia symptom(s)

…calligraphic over-&-over-writing via a 6-axes robot disturbed by sensors, here feeling movement. The writing unfolds as letters of fire eating up the wall. It contorts into undecipherable hermeneutics, made of scribbles, of cross-outs engaging codes and mathematical scripts from which they paradoxically emerge. This Conflict Zone, of contradictory stuttering inputs, seems however to be hiding something from us … could it be more than mere scruffy writing?... Free speech is no longer, and memory turned amnesiac. Writing disguises itself, to escape its pretended innocence, its inoffensive gangue ……. reduced to a ‘bachelor machinism’ seismography, as a substituted anthropomorphic consciousness....

Robot, elevating platform, computation, controllers, sensors, 3d prints, gas and flames.

New-Territories/M4 – Francois Roche, Camille Lacadee, Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd, with Than Rittiphan 

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