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Giles Ryder
Night visions and New fundamentals
25/03/17 - 25/06/17

Exhibition views

     A spatial installation has been developed for TARS gallery by Giles Ryder.

In part a re-visitation, a mirroring and a distortion of prior actions that the artist has pursued throughout his career - his use of a wide range of materials that talk about possible and improbable spaces that we inhabit – or perhaps spaces of desire. TARS will be transformed into a metallic and neon parlour filled with chromatic color. Aesthetically pushing these materials around to produce a collision of after affects in space within modernity. Ryder’s Night Visions pulsating away the negative New Fundamentalists of the Alt-right that transcribes and reclaims language of the disenfranchised – this is an abstract exhibition in order to place silence over the failure of truth in language.

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