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This part concerns the partners and projects associated to TARS Gallery and the registered company CONCRETE and Partners co. , ltd.

CONCRETE & Partners co. , ltd.

CONCRETE & Partners Co., Ltd. supervises the production and promotion of art and creative projects through diverse collaborations with artists, collectors and institutions.


TARS Gallery

TARS Gallery is an art gallery founded by CONCRETE & Partners Co., Ltd. s howcasing contemporary art and architecture.


Based in Bangkok, TARS operates as an inter- zone gallery producing and exhibiting work from established and emerging, international and local artists . Creating an inter- zone gallery dynamic allows TARS to mix local patterns and social phenomenon’s with international movements, showcasing works that disrupt and play with established conventions to create social impact.


TARS runs a residency program stimulating new perspectives and productions by offering the possibility for invited artists to displace their practice in a different context and geography.


ANNA AGENCY is a branding and set design service for commercial projects and exhibitions established by CONCRETE & Partners Co., Ltd.

We offer curation, design and art advisory services for private and corporate collections across a wide range of project scopes.


TAIGERS is a project created by CONCRETE & Partners co. , ltd. TAIGERS is a made-up word referring to young artists who find themselves in this dead time zone after taking the jump from art school to art world.

As a student, it is sometimes difficult to be taken seriously - you’re not yet the professional you aspire to be, you’re still learning, in the process of becoming. Graduation comes around, you’re still not quite there yet and yet have to start fending for yourself, away from the comfort and support of art school.

This transition period is also one of intense reflection and creative impetus, which we believe young artists should be able to make the most out of.
The TAIGERS project therefore sets out to accompany them through the process of questioning themselves, what they’ve learned and what they head for - ultimately the goal is to help them make up the ranks of a new generation of artists.

TAIGERS selects young artists for the quality of their works, their maturity and their eagerness to be a part of the larger art scene. We provide support during the creation process and organize exhibitions to showcase the works.

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