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13/11/2021 -- 01/12/2021



Friday 26 November



by Jitti Chompee

6:15pm–7pm on Phittaya Sathian Bridge

Enigmatic figures choreographed by Jitti Chompee appear on the playground of the Galleries’ Night circuit.




Saturday 27 November


TESCORAVE ©®™2K21: The Acceleration Of Automation

by NúÚ P3A☭3

15:30pm–16:30pm inside The Future Tesco at Lotus Rama 1

NúÚ P3A☭3 performs an anonymous site-specific live set in between the aisles of Tesco. Listen to their soundscape of neoliberal resilience live-streamed on your headphones via the Instagram accounts of @theperformanceagency, @tarsgallery and @nuhpeace while browsing through the supermarket shelves for an enhanced shopping experience. ‘There’s n0 Fr33d0m here… We only have Fr33 MaRk3t stored for you’. Make sure your phone is charged and bring your headphones.



On The Rocks

by Albrecht Pischel

8pm–9pm at TARS Gallery

The pavilion travels back to TARS for a late night sonic activation of FREEDOM FROM THIRST by Albrecht Pischel.




Sunday 28 November


Sound Bath

by Notep

followed by a poetry reading by Wesley Hsu

4pm–5pm at Lumphini Park

An impressive retrofuturistic pavilion in the midst of Bangkok’s largest park sets the tone for a moment of rest and sound discovery.