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Tomorrow_n(h)ow 2.0
Off-site project

tomorrow_n(h)ow show - 2.0


“A more profound response to these arguments requires that we recognize their mistake in posing an ontological division and even opposition between human life and machines… Our intellectual and corporeal development are inseparable from the creation of machines internal and external to our minds and bodies. Machines constitute and are constituted by human reality.” Negri and Hardt One other ordinary day at the Lab New-Territories, as a synesthesia immersion with Machine, Robots, Scenarios, Politics and lines of escape, lines of digital disobedience, anthropo-technologies, as a drifting ambulation in the mind-factory NewT ware house, on the Chao Phraya river / China Town. It‘s open one night….to hear, touch, pinch, secrete, extrude, slap, punch, caress… in the direct analogy of the 7 axes robots, the bachelor machine, machinic assemblages to refer the Guattari (agencements machiniques), as the main vector of the thinking and the making, simultaneously “know how” & “want to do”, intrinsically embedded in the algorythms and procedures. The tomorrow_n(h)ow show, including a selection of works in Bangkok, in the period 2017-18, with art apparatuses and architecture fragments, scenarios, movies, texts, prints, books…and the launching of the last ones: an installation ‘a-ni-Male farm_robotic debt’ and a movie ‘e(s)chatologist’…



  1. ‘a-ni-Male farm_robotic debt’ / New-Territories with Mika Tamori & Tomohide Ikeya x TARS

  2. ‘e(s)chatologist’ / New-Territories with IKA-Vienna

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