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Off-site project
25/11/17 - 02/12/17




Bangkok, Thailand – tomorrow_n(h)ow is an event by the architectural group New-Territories (NewT) at the their studio in Bangkok. Featuring prints, film, works-in-progress, prototypes and manifold inert and vital matters, tomorrow_n(h)ow also previews contributions to next year’s Bangkok Biennial, Venice Biennale of Architecture and their publication s/he would rather do fiction Maker. 

Recent years have seen an intense engagement with theorizations of space and place across a range of disciplines. This upsurge of interest not only begins to account for the pervasiveness of spatial experience as mediating the world we think we might know, but also – perhaps finally – explodes commonly narrow categories of ‘aesthetics,’ ‘form’ and ‘architecture’. And ‘politics.’ The work of NewT harnesses this critical and provocative variety, engaging with the recognition of architecture as forms of consumption as well as processes of (re)production: monstrous and imperial but also strangely affirmative in the figuring and re-figuring of our most intimate and yet potentially vast relations. At its basis, NewT stages architecture and all its subsets as, in the words of one analyst, inherently violent.

tomorrow_n(h)ow paradoxically expounds intersections and encounters across disciplinary procedures, promiscuous theories and contexts, and the derangements of experience itself. Robots, psycho-maps and excremental as well as efflorescent forms are presented in the reflections of flickering mise-en-scene and speculative texts. tomorrow_n(h)ow allows us to trace connections between the multiple practices of this exceptional architectural group and also to the wreckage of modernity and post-colonialism in our immediate midst.

New-Territories is a polymorphous architecture organization. Founded in 1993, it has embraced different labels, names, strategies and purposes. NewT is fronted by the androgynous avatar, trans-gender avatar, _S/he_, who authorized François Roche to write, talk and teach on his/her behalf, as a PS / personal secretary, an Ariadne’s wire of this ectoplasmic system and paranoiac mind.

Exhibitions include Pompidou Center, SF Moma, Tate Modern, Barbican London, CCA Montreal and repeated selection for the Venice Biennial, in national and international pavilions. Other biennials include Chicago 2015, Istanbul 2016 and a retrospective solo exhibition at Frac Centre in France.

_S/he_ got her-his first position in Vienna at The Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. Among the teaching positions held by his-her P.S. Francois Roche, NewT has been guest professor in London, Vienna, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Paris, and New York from 2006 to 2013 at Columbia University; and this last four years at RMIT in Melbourne.

text by Brian Curtin

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