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Puvadol Saengvichien - Beach preshot web

Anticipation, 2020, pigment print on museum grade matte paper, 120 x 149.5 cm, Ed. 2 + 1 AP

LOST IN THE WIND by Puvadol Saengvichien

Pattaya, named after the annual monsoon wind that passes through its beautiful location on the east coast of Thailand, has grown rapidly from a small fishing village into a popular beach ‘city’ known for its many cultural and natural attractions as well as a sleazy nightlife.

These photographs are the result of my seeking out images that convey the changes that have taken place in Pattaya, which seems to be in constant flux with ambitious projects starting with great optimism and ending in scenes of loss and abandonment. These photographs convey my feelings as I wandered from one end of the city to the other. 

Behind the facade of the ‘fun’ city, many things seem to be contrary to the well-managed image of the place. Everywhere I looked I witnessed a twisted reality where sadness and gloom co-exists side by side. These stark contrasts which can be found almost everywhere are largely ignored by holiday makers and even locals. 

Right next to the booming expansion projects, are the ones that busted. Dreams of riches to be made were crushed again and again without explanation. The many developments which are now piles of concrete and iron not only impacted the big investors who might have cut their losses but also the local lives that were depending on them. Many come to Pattaya with great hope for a profitable future but ultimately many are forced to cope with unanticipated challenges. I cannot help but wonder why this place seems to attract so many and yet leaves so many in despair. 

It is heartbreaking not being able to understand whether the "City of the Monsoon Wind" is still thriving or dying.

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Broken, 2020, pigment print on museum grade matte paper, 120 x 149.5 cm, Ed. 2 + 1 AP