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Born in 1986, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
Lives and work in Paris
Through his exclusive practice of painting, he creates landscapes composited by his own memories and the potential traces of memories that live among the silent spaces of which he paints, an expression of a preserved territory in which moments from the past could be relived. The familiar and lush appearance of his works inhabiting exotic vegetation, tropical greenhouses and swimming pools, empty of human presence evokes a desire to reconnect with a lost paradise, paradoxical to our push for creation of artificial spaces. Mirrored places of a fantasy and a collective imagination that he perceives as allegories of painting, highlighting the very idea of the game of appearances.

On the canvas, Yann Lacroix works in thin layers superimposing areas of visual blurs in contrast to particular areas of precise details and intensity, alike fragmented memories recalled in reminiscence. He works from photographs taken from his phone and from others found on the internet, where the surface of the canvas becomes a space of convergence for his memory, the landscape and his practice.

Yann Lacroix - PAINTING Still there.jpg


Yann Lacroix - PAINTING Nice value
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING SmallMezz1.jpg
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING Still there.jpg
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING The pot
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING The strain
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING Crocodile
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING Serre
Yann Lacroix - PAINTING Petite serre


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